Coping with Weird Astro

Enjoy the ride! Courtesy: Thinkstock
Enjoy the ride! Courtesy: Thinkstock

by Aura Walker, MA CHt

The month of August 2017 is book ended with a lunar eclipse that happened on August 7th/8th, and also a solar eclipse on August 21st. There are 2.4 eclipses every year. Almost 2 and a half. So, they are fairly common. Despite the all the commotion when they show up.

Despite the all the commotion when they show up, eclipses are common. Courtesy: Thinkstock

Listen, I do not claim to be an astrologer. However, I cannot deny that there is a je ne sais quoi, something valid about astrology when done right. For the last month or so, I have seen consistent hoopla about the two August eclipses. Moreso building to the solar eclipse on the 21st. The pagans are all a twitter.

I have at least four heavy duty, well-respected astrologer acquaintances on Facebook. People who I admire. I respect their forecasts. I heed their advice, perhaps with a grain of salt but I still take it all in. Sure, why not? I am mildly intrigued with astrology.

The idea that we humans are a gradation speck of dust on a mass of dirt, compost, plastic, pollution, water, and fauna hurtling through space in a massive galaxy in the Universe you can’t deny that on some level we must feel the “wooooah!”

What I have noticed this month more than anything within myself, is that I have been feeling alternately wired, and extremely wiped out. Sure, it could be that I am also using some strong antibacterial herbs. Yeah, sure. I have also noticed more people freaking out than usual. The fear factor on Facebook is through the roof. I have seen more car accidents too.

Whether it is Mercury Retrograde, or our shadow covering our sun light (great metaphor). Or our shadow hiding the moon. Or the moon hiding the sun. We all have to deal with our responsibilities. Right? The ultimate sucky thing about ‘adulting,’ or becoming an adult person who has to ‘adult.’ Is that no matter what, unless it is a major catastrophe that derails us, we must carry on the best we can.

So…how? How, how, how? Do you deal with stuff, when this planet we are on, is going through a bit of a bumpy ride? Well, you find your center. Scream if you must. After that. Center. Use your breath. Take deep breaths, and connect to your center, core self. Make short to do lists. Give yourself ample time to get places. Drive with extra distance between other cars. Exercise enormous patience with everyone; your family, friends, acquaintances, the public, TSA at airports, check-out people, customer service people…You get the picture.

When you feel the dial going up, counterbalance the fray by remaining as centered as possible. Cut off arguments. Engage briefly in fodder, if at all. State your point and move on. Do not indulge senseless battles. Use your words carefully. Have fun with your words more than anything. That helps. And rest a lot. Make sure to take naps when you can. Eat highly nutritious and organic meals, if at all possible. Do not overextend yourself. Do the best you can. All with an awareness of remaining centered and calm as possible. Get things done and rest.

Most of all, enjoy the ride!

Aura Walker is a seasoned mental health counselor and holistic health expert. She specializes in the use of hypnotherapy for rapid healing in short term care. E-mail [email protected] or call 310.382.6313.