Body Love Yoga – Virabhadrasana 2, or Warrior 2.



by Rose Pelosi

Virabhadrasana 2, or Warrior 2.

A standing posture. Ah ha! That pose we all get to and think, “yeah, I got this. Solid right?” A perfect opportunity to tune in more deeply.  How does your whole body feel? Can you find something new? Be curious.

•Drop that front thigh bone dowwwn. Go deeper. Trust in the largest muscles in the body, but keep the inner leg lines lit up, active.

•Notice if you’re leaning forward, draw your torso right over the hips and feel your tailbone drop down.

•Make sure the front knee is right over the ankle. So for most of us, that means moving the front knee towards the baby toe to avoid collapsing.

•Can you energize the back leg more? Ground through the outer edge of the back foot, so your inner arch is lifting.

•Then, find the lightness in the upper body. Extend and equalize the reach through the arms and across the chest.

•Feel the crown of the head extending toward the sky.

•Relax the face, the brow, the jaw.

•Breathe in all directions.

What can you soften when called to your warrior position to remain calm but strong?

Tune up your yoga practice with helpful tips from Venice-based yoga teacher Rose Pelosi. Pelosi teaches private lessons both inside and at the beach. Follow her on Instagram @bodyloveyoga.