From Venice, CA to Venice, Italy


Windward at Speedway in 1905 and 2012. Courtesy: Helen K. Garber.


by Kelly Lane and Melanie Camp

After being invited to show at the 2017 Venice Biennale, Photographer Helen K. Garber hopes to bring Venice, CA to Venice, Italy.

“We have an amazing opportunity to feature our fabulous community in Venice, Italy,” said Garber. The Dutch-based, Global Arts Affairs (GAA) Foundation has invited Garber to join “Personal Structures,” an exhibition the organization is curating that runs in conjunction with the Biennale.

The curators chose Garber’s collection, “Yesterday/Today or still crazy after all these years,”  depicting Abbot Kinney & the history of Venice.

The proposed installation will include 8’x12’ projected images & one wallpapered image of modern Venice with the “Yesterday/Today” folio presented on 32” monitors set side by side. There will also be music, the sounds of the Ocean Front Walk on a busy day, and sounds of the ocean offering a full visceral experience of Venice Beach.

The exhibition will be presented at a palazzo on the Grand Canal with a view of the Rialto Bridge.

With her Venice studio directly in front of Abbot Kinney’s house, Garber has always felt his spirit compelling her to retell the story of how Venice came to be.  “Abbot Kinney would be thrilled to know that images of his work will be viewed in the city that inspired him,” she said.

Before Garber can take her exhibition to Italy she needs to raise funds the funds to get it there. To get the exhibition to Italy Garber needs to raise $13,000 by March 1st and an additional $30,000 by May 1st. She aims to do this selling her Venice prints.

Not looking to make a profit on the project, Garber simply hopes to cover costs and be able to present the history of Venice to the international art and architectural community.

To support the project, you can get a print or folio of Garber’s collection. Visit for more information.


1. Venice CA, then and now Courtesy Helen K. Garber