VIDEO: 2015 Sanitation Sweep Protests



Sanitation Sweep Protest Homeless Venice Beach
A small group of protesters claim the weekly cleanup is being used in an attempt to force more and more homeless people out of Venice Beach. Photo by Brandon Dupre

Yesterday, Los Angeles court Commissioner Alan I. Rubin turned down the city attorney’s request to punish activist David Busch. Brusch had been arrested during a different protest after he lay on the boardwalk in the path of sanitation truck.

Brusch attended a series of rallies in 2015 where protesters said the sweeps were being used as a way to clear the homeless off the beach. They were also protesting the closure of Boardwalk bathrooms at night.

WestsideToday reported on one particular rally that began at  6 a.m. on Friday, June 19, 2015 protesting the City of Los Angeles’ weekly “sanitation” sweeps.  You can read the original story here.

The LA Times reported yesterday that Commissioner Rubin called the Venice homeless cleanups “troubling,” saying, “People are not disposable property.”

Read the full LA times story and more of what Rubin had to say here.