Attempted Assault on Venice Walk Street



One Venice local is asking neighbors stay alert after she narrowly escaped a man who had tried to assault her on the Nowita Place walk street yesterday in Venice.

The woman, who preferred not to use her name in this story said, “I was just walking on Nowita between Oakwood and Linden. A hispanic guy wearing a gray t-shirt and baseball cap was walking toward me. It looked like he had his hands in his pants but I wasn’t sure. I moved over to the side as he got close but as he passed he grabbed me then kept walking. I yelled and he ran, pulling off his shirt at the same time that read, “Larry’s Landscape”. I don’t know if he was working on Nowita or not but I didn’t see any other landscapers. Please keep an eye out and let me know if you see anyone with a t-shirt from this company.”

The man was medium height and was wearing khaki cargo shorts. The incident was reported to police, “I called the cops in case the guy is still in the area,” the woman said, “it’s good for people to be aware.”

Glad that nothing worse came of it, she said it was “…a great reminder that most of these guys are cowards and if you yell they run.”