Introducing Full Circle Venice: A Co-Creative Collective On Rose Avenue

Full Circle Venice

Full Circle Venice is a non-denominational non-profit community-based center located in the heart of Venice, known for its diversity, open-mindedness, and creativity.

It is an experiential environment where people can creatively expand their social relations and connect with other members of their community.

This is achieved through live performances, art exhibits, film screenings, yoga and dance classes, workshops, forums and other special events.

Full Circle promotes the general welfare through collective efforts that enhance the health, safety, peace, morals and comfort of the community.

Full Circle Venice is located at 305 Rose Ave, Venice. Courtesy of
Full Circle Venice is located at 305 Rose Ave, Venice. Courtesy of

Andrew Keegan, FCV Co-Founder, said it was a leader-full community dedicated to practicing the soul values of generosity, freedom and equality.

“We recognize the collective desire to live in a more harmonious experience,” Keegan said. “For some people, it’s hard to connect to these ideals, but I believe it.  We are all one, and we are in this together. With this understanding, our focus is leading a positive spiritual approach in all our gatherings.”

“Full Circle honors all peaceful cultures and teachers for the unique and inspired contributions they have made to the world, at the same time recognizing that an infinite field of possibility remains in which we can responsibly, imaginatively, and freely co-create our future together.

Full Circle’s weekly meditation ceremony, Resonate, is a place for the community to come together, develop friendships, hear from guest speakers and enjoy live music.

Resonate is unique, as it is spiritual in nature, but not affiliated with any particular path or religion. Like many Full Circle events, the event is free and open to the public.

Ben Decker, FCV Spiritual Director says, “In a time of intentionally misleading media, unprecedented violence; we live in a world where there is more confusion than there is understanding. We are here to create an environment where people can be themselves and express their creativity in a community that celebrates individuality.”

Full Circle Venice is located at 305 Rose Ave, Venice, CA. 90291.

For more information, call 310-452-2201 or visit