Venice Tenant Evicted for Airbnb


It appears that Los Angeles may be catching up with a legal trend in other cities, where landlords are evicting tenants for subletting apartments on Airbnb. Attorney Steven Coard from the Law Offices of Rosario Perry writes in to let us know that on behalf of a client, his firm just successfully evicted a Venice tenant on Glencoe Avenue. According to Coard, on a motion for summary judgement the short term rentals were found to violate Zoning Code, LAMC 12.08. Coard said the rent-controlled tenant was paying $1000 a month and bringing in $3000 a month profit by listing the one-bedroom apartment on Airbnb. Local news biz Vice published an interesting piece on the issues surrounding Airbnb back in April, “Airbnb Will Probably Get You Evicted and Priced Out of the City