A Bad Movie For A Good Cause / Venice Arts Students Showcase | May 16&17 2014


Almost forgot this one! Zinnia Moreno, a photography student at Venice Arts, emailed us, and I had a draft post ready to go for this event, but it got lost in the shuffle. Walking around today this sign jogged my memory. The movie is Troll II (possibly of interest to at least ONE member of the forum). Details for the Venice Arts Annual Student Showcase are beneath the photo below:

” Youth-Organized Public Program: A BAD FILM FOR A GOOD CAUSE on May 16th, from 7:30 pm until 10:00 pm, Venice Arts will host a youth-organized fundraising event and screening of a cult classic horror movie often described as the “worst film ever made.” With a ten dollar suggested donation, proceeds of this event go towards sending four teen photography and film students to a summer arts program in the Grand Canyon. Through a partnership with Grand Canyon Youth, the students will have the opportunity to document a ten day raft journey down the Colorado river. The students will learn about geology, history, plants, and wildlife and will use their surroundings as inspiration for artistic works. snacks & raffle items will be available. Find out more about the secret film and RSVP here: www.badmoviegoodcause.eventbrite.com image

Venice Arts Students Showcase:  2014 Student Culminating Exhibition Saturday May 17, 12:00–2:00pm Film screening, 1:15pm On Saturday, May 17, from 12:00pm until 2:00pm, Venice Arts will present a vibrant opening reception for our annual student Culminating Exhibition. The exhibition—a finale to a year of hard work by students, teaching artists, and mentors—showcases the best of our students’ films, photographs, animations, comics, and mixed- and multi-media pieces from the 2013–14 academic-year workshops. A special screening of students’ films and animations and a brief program will take place at 1:15pm on the big screen. A potluck reception with food and beverages for families, students, mentors, and show attendees will also take place during the exhibition. The Venice Arts Gallery is located at 1702 Lincoln Boulevard in Venice. This community celebration is the best way to directly experience the impact of Venice Arts’ programs on young people’s lives. Each year, over 400 students, ages 8–18 participate in our award-winning Art Mentoring workshops, exploring their creativity and learning about visual storytelling through after-school, weekend, and summer workshops. These workshops are free for low-income families and give students a chance to work with talented teaching artists and high-quality professional equipment, jump starting their personal artistic exploration. For some graduating seniors, many of whom have been in our program for years, the exhibition is also a time to celebrate and reflect on their time here as they ready themselves to further those artistic explorations at college. Angela Francis, age 18, an Advanced Photography student at Venice Arts, was recently named as a Presidential scholar in the Arts—one of only 20 youth nationwide, out of 11,000 applicants, to receive the honor. Angela is also a Grand Prize Finalist at the Music Center’s spotlight Awards and a scholastic Gold Key Awardee for her portfolio. she received first place in photography at YoungArts Miami and received a full scholarship to her top choice college, Boston University. of her time at Venice Arts, Angela says: “I’ve become more focused on what i want to do: [I want to] to shoot more, to imagine, and create more. I’ve obtained an understanding of who i am through the time that I’ve spent here at Venice Arts.” Says the scholastic Gold Key award winner in single image Photography and Advanced Photography student Leo Cerutti, age 18, “Picking up my dad’s point-and-shoot camera when i was just a little kid, probably around 6 or 7 years old, I would have never guessed how far it would take me. slowly my passion for photography grew significantly through the years of learning at Venice Arts. The programs I took there not only helped me grow as a photographer but also on a personal level: my character and in my understanding of other photographers.