Huzzah Toys to Open on Lincoln Blvd!


Huzzah Toys is set to soft open on Lincoln next week at 2010 Lincoln Blvd. The proprietors (ex-Venice walk street residents) note that Huzzah is a Medieval word that means “Hurrah!”

Huzzah Toys Venice Beach 90291

The team says “our fresh, quirky selection of toys is THE alternative to the mass-market, overly commercialized disposable crap sold everywhere. Our toys are smart, affordable, and guaranteed to provide hours of fun!”

The toy store is intended for “kids newborn to 90” and will feature 100’s of items “for both young and old” upon opening with more on the way. Huzzah plans to have you covered with “quirky” and “off tilt” items intended for a wide demographic of shoppers. Everything will be available as a gift wrapped present.

Vintage toys such as Erector Sets and Spirographs will be available too!

Huzzah Toys
2010 Lincoln Blvd
Venice Beach, CA