Help Richard Mann Get a New Camera


Without realizing it, you have likely come across Richard Mann out and about in Venice taking pictures. Rich has been at it for decades (53 years now), shooting 35mm while walking around Venice talking to his numerous friends and acquaintances.

Richard Mann Venice

I don’t put many “crowd funding” posts up on this site, but I believe in this one.

Richard needs a new camera and lens to help bring himself solidly into the digital world. All of Venice will benefit by Richard having this equipment, as he documents our City on a daily basis. Some of his panoramas can be seen on the walls of the Venice Ale House amongst other stores and shops in Venice.

Please click here and check out Rich’s donation site. Donate some money to Rich! He is a great guy and he is one of “the” Venice artists. Donors will receive a print from Rich, so it is a great deal!