Software Update Breaks Forums!


It appears that yesterday’s software update eliminated the ability for readers to comment and create stories here on Yo! Venice!. We are currently working on fixing that and a few other issues the upgrade created!

Update: 9pm … working on it still.

Update:9 am … still working on it. (One of us is in Japan and quite jetlagged right now)

Update: 4:30pm … still working on it … fortunately it is a slow news day and nothing major has happened in Venice. If something major happens we will go back to posting on the main page. Until then, working on fixing the site!

Should be fixed now!

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In the meantime, feel free to like the Yo Venice Facebook Page, where you can comment away and let us know what is happening! Once you “like” Yo! Venice! on Facebook, click on  “get notifications” and “show in news feed” to get our stories!

Facebook Like Page

We would be hyping the hometown Google Plus, but we had a few 1,000 followers on there and then they deleted the account because we signed up as “Yo Venice” rather than under an individuals name. I don’t want to put a ton of effort into it again, just to have it deleted.