Study: Rents in Venice Beach Cost More Than in Beverly Hills


According to Venice Based start-up “Rad Pad“, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Venice Beach costs more than one in Beverly Hills.

RadPAd infographic designed by Owen Gatley

Looks like all those Venice based “entrepreneurs” (what people call themselves at pickup-bars and yoga studios in LA these days rather than movie “producers”) are shelling out $2,061 on average for a single while the “entrepeneurs” of Beverly Hills are shelling out $2,051. Santa Monica to the north will set you back $2,431 while the Marina will run $2,445.

Radpad and analyzed “more than six months of rental data compiled from hundreds of rental services” to arrive at their numbers. They also note that one-bedroom rental rates have risen almost 10% since August 2012, so a typical renter will be paying $2,000 more in rent this year than last year. Also noted is that the majority of Angeleno’s make less than $75k a year.

h/t to the LA Weekly!