LoJack Foils Venice Car Thieves


Early Saturday morning, a Venice resident’s car was swiped from an outdoor parking spot on Sherman Canal. The thieves had a “cloned” key so they were able to make off with the “sleeper” of a ’04 Subaru without having to do much real work (or make any noise).

Stolen Car Venice Beach

Fortunately, the forward thinking (he previously lived in NYC) owner had installed LoJack on the vehicle. Within 4 hours of the car being reported as stolen, LAPD officers were able to track it down in North Hollywood. The vehicle had no damage, was returned to the owner, and is currently sitting in a “safe” garage that is not in Venice.

LoJack costs a one time $695 to install and they boast a 90% recovery rate on cars. Adding one to your vehicle may lower your insurance rates and help the cops catch some criminals. Check out LoJack by clicking here!