Ace Norton: ‘Generations’ + Art Show


Peep the latest from Venice director Ace Norton: “Generations”, a short film set to the music of Chrome Canyon starring Amanda Wells (LA Dance Project) and Lee Dysinger.

The film was produced by Morgan White and Eric Maloney. Jackson Hunt was the Director of Photography, Max Orgell was the Production Designer and Ace and Chrome Canyon were responsible for editing it.

Director Norton is currently working on an experimental documentary examining citrus grove smudge pots.

Norton will also be featured as part of a group art show consisting of over 50 original pieces of post-modern graffiti, stencils, paint, and photography by award-winning actor Emile Hirsch, artist and writer/documentarian Matt Smiley and Mark Foster of “Foster the People” on Tuesday, February 5th, at 9 Olives (8210 W. Sunset Blvd) starting at 7:30pm.