The Saturdays: Bikini Shoot in Venice Beach


There are movie and television shoots pretty much every day of the week here in Venice. Riding my bicycle home from a media event at the old post office today (more on that later) I came across the largest group of paparazzi I have ever seen on the beach. Thinking that it might be Tom Cruise saving the life of a baby unicorn on the beach, I stopped the bicycle to ask a helpful P.A. what was up.

The Saturdays Bikini Pictures

The pink arrow is The Saturdays (a British girl group based in London) sitting around in bikinis. The black arrow is some of the many paparazzi chasing the bikini clad women around on the beach. I didn’t bother to walk over there, but I am sure there will be footage on all the gossip sites later, before what they were shooting airs on the E! channel.

The Saturdays “If This Is Love”: