2012 Abbot Kinney Festival ‘Spirit of Venice’ Award Winners Announced!


The recipients of the 2012 Abbot Kinney Festival Association’s (AKFA) ‘Spirit of Venice’ Awards are:

Bill Rosendahl (11th District Councilmember since 2005)
LAFD Station 63 (The life savers of Venice)
Don Novack (Hal’s Bar and Grill, community patron)
Jim Smith (Retired Editor: The Free Venice Beachhead)


The Spirit of Venice awards, along with the festivals community grant awards, will be presented at 2:15 on the Andalusia stage (produced by Milkmade) this Sunday. Congratulations to all of this years recipients!

About the Spirit of Venice awards:

The award recognizes those who make significant contributions in the Venice community. The AKFA honors artists, poets, and musicians nurturing the creative environment, and people contributing to the greater good through non-profits and community work.

The contributions are many and varied, but the common bond is the recipients’ initiative, vision and strong sense of community. The people who build gardens, develop youth programs, serve our neighborhood selflessly, and foster artistic creativity, are the true Spirit of Venice.

The first ‘Spirit of Venice’ Award was presented at the 6th Abbot Kinney Festival in 1989 to descendants of Venice founder Abbot Kinney. The award was created by John Kertisz, Poet Laureate and 1989 Festival Board member to recognize persons who are actively involved in the community and/or serve as inspirational role models.

Many Venetians have been honored with ‘Spirit of Venice Awards’ including Vera Davis, Joe Gold, Gregory Hines, Emily Winters, Jay Griffith, Sgt. Theresa Skinner, and Jesse Martinez among many others.

The nominees are determined through public survey, with The AKFA Board of Directors making the final decision.



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