Space Shuttle Endeavour is Expected at 11 on Friday


Space Shuttle Endeavour, carried on top of a Boeing 747 shuttle aircraft carrier, is expected to land at LAX’s south runway (RWY 25L) on Friday at 11am. Earlier in the day it will do “flybys” over many Los Angeles landmarks including Disneyland, the Griffith Observatory, the Getty Center and Downtown/ City Hall.

NASA says that weather permitting, it will also be flown over Venice Beach, Universal Studios, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Long Beach Aquarium and the Queen Mary.


The City of El Segundo will close off the 300 to 700 blocks of East Imperial Avenue for public viewing starting at 9 am for spectators wanting to see the landing. Plane-mad lists the best spotting areas for the south runway as “The Hill” on Imperial Avenue (A), the Flight Path Museum (D) and Proud Bird Restaurant (E).

Space Shuttle Endeavour, the fifth and final NASA shuttle to be built, is 122 feet in length, has a 78-foot wingspan and stands 57 feet tall. Endeavour has been to space 25 times, logging 122,883,151 miles. Its final mission was in May of 2011.

On Oct. 12th, the Shuttle will start its journey to its final destination at the Science Center in Exposition Park.



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