Burning Man Art Project Fundraiser Saturday Night!


Attention Venice burners: Light Hazing will be hosting a Burning Man “art project” fundraiser tomorrow evening at 1320 Main Studios starting at 9pm.

Light Hazing

Featured DJ’s include Loboman, Massio, Mark Doody, [Aiden] and V.J. Theory. Glowing attire is requested! Light Hazing will have their glow in the dark walls up, and have fabric with them so that attendees can create their own accessories. Bring your UV laser!

Drink donations at gladly accepted at the teeki bar.

About Light Hazing:

After last year’s very successful 50ft sculpture set up on the playa as one of the honorarium installations of Burning Man 2011, Light Hazing comes back in the form of a theme camp. A section of the structure will be set in the front off the camp, right in front of Center Camp, and will be accessible to everyone. Aside from our classic glow in the dark walls where you can paint with light, we offer workshops including all the materials to make your own glow in the dark accessories.