City Council Bans Skateboard ‘Bombing’


From CBS:

The City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved an ordinance that gives police more leeway in ticketing reckless riders in an effort to stop skateboarders from “bombing” down steep hills at breakneck speeds.

The ordinance, which the mayor said he would sign, will require skateboarders to stand while riding on public roads, sidewalks, parking lots or other public property.

“Using, pushing, propelling or riding on a skateboard in a sitting, prone, kneeling or lying position is prohibited,” the ordinance states.

To slow skateboarders down, the ordinance makes it illegal to ride a skateboard faster than 10 mph through an intersection or to ride while hanging on to a vehicle. Drivers who knowingly tow a skateboarder with a vehicle can be ticketed.

The ordinance includes language prohibiting skateboarders from riding “recklessly or in such a manner or at such a speed as to cause or threaten to cause injury to himself or herself or to others.”

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