Today is International Surfing Day!


Now in its eighth year, International Surfing Day unites surfers from around the world to celebrate of the sport of surfing. What began in 2005 with only just a small handful of local observances in the United States has since exploded to more than 200 events in 30 countries worldwide.

International Surfing Day

In addition to catching some waves, surfers around the globe are encouraged take some time to give back to our oceans, waves and beaches. In 2011, International Surfing Day participants collected more than 5,000 bags of trash worldwide.

Feel free to grab a plastic bag and clean up some trash on the sands of Venice when you go out today! Waves are 2-3 ft knee to waist high, so you will have plenty of free time to help clean the beaches! Grab a friend or ten and make it a group effort!