Vintage Venice Pictures: Rollerskaters of the ’70s


Long before Venice became known as “freaky” for crazy transients and wall to wall “vendors”, Venice was “funky”. “Funky” people got their trendy “freak on” wearing Dolphin short shorts, Heaven tank tops and dancing to disco music while wearing roller skates. Peep some of the awesome pictures that Mark has put up on Flickr that document the disco days of the 70’s! Play some Donna Summer while doing so!

Don't Wear Underwear, Venice BoardwalkDon’t wear underwear

GIVE A SPECULATOR AN INCH AND THEY WILL BUILD A CONDOGive a speculator an inch and they will build a condo.

LAPD Boardwalk BeatPacific Division of the LAPD “community outreach”.


Queuing Up To Rent RollerskatesCheapskates + Lafayette Coffee Shop


Venice, Santa Monica Skate Patrol

Venice – Santa Monica Skate Patrol 1979

Venice BoardwalkBoardwalk 1979

Venice Beach Skater

The Shack.


Rollerskate Rental & T-Shirts

Ocean Front Walk Vending

Skater Legs, Venice Pavillion

Venice Pavillion, ’79



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