Councilman Rosendahl on Gold’s Gym – Google


Bill Rosendahl

From Councilman Bill Rosendahl:

For several months, rumors have been swirling in Venice that Gold’s Gym, the iconic “Mecca of Bodybuilding” was going to be forced out of its location by Google, which last year made an historic move to Venice.

This morning, my staff spoke with both local Google officials and the head of Google America’s real estate group. We have been thoroughly assured that Google appreciates the significance of Gold’s Gym to the Venice and bodybuilding communities, and wants the gym to stay where it is.

Google America’s Real Estate Group confirmed that Google has acquired the lease for a number of properties in the area near its Venice campus, including the property occupied by Gold’s Gym. Google is currently negotiating with the Gold’s Gym parent company, TRT Holdings, Inc., and hopes to strike an agreement that will keep Gold’s Gym where it is for 10 more years.

I anticipate Google and TRT Holdings will make their own public statements when negotiations conclude. But in the meantime, Gold’s Gym is staying put, in the heart of Venice, as a landmark, and as the world capital of bodybuilding.



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