Shooting on Penmar 5-11-12


Everyone in the vicinity of the 1500 block of Penmar should STAY INSIDE. So far, sounds like a guy was fighting with his girlfriend, when the police came he started shooting at them. Suspect is a 25 year old male black with a black sweatshirt and blue jeans, there is also a woman and baby in the apartment. Officers are on scene with UPR’s (Urban Police Rifles), SWAT is on the way.

1512 Penmar

The helicopter is telling all cops who don’t have rifles to move back to outer part of perimeter.

The suspect has been “pacing around the room”, and going back and forth to the balcony with a gun in his right hand (2:09am). SWAT is on the scene (2:10am).

2:15am – sounds like he fired his gun in the apartment.
2:15- suspect running out back window – stay inside!
2:17am – suspect in custody at Penmar and Lake. 2 victims fine, no officers injured (2:21am)