Postal Annex Counter to Open in Two Weeks


If you like the old post office, you should make a visit to say “goodbye”. The new post office at the Venice postal annex is expected to open in two weeks. Awnings were going up today. They are waiting on the parking lot to get striped, a new “shorter” fence along Windward and Riviera and a few other finishing details to be completed.

Venice Postal Annex

The entrance and exit to the new post office will be on Riviera, seen in red in the picture above. Parking for the new lot is seen in the “green” area.

Venice Postal Annex

They were not psyched on letting me take pictures inside of the new building, so here is an image I found online of a “kinda- sorta” similar style post office design.

Post Office

The counters at the new postal annex are darker in color than the counters depicted here, and there are two hallways with white walls that have P.O. boxes on them.