ABC News Features Camping Guide for Homeless Debate


From ABC News:

The growing homeless population problem in Venice is pitting neighbor against neighbor. A Venice beach woman is furious that a community blogger posted her name, address, and photo of her home on his website.

Some people are calling a relatively new homeless encampment at Venice Beach “Skid Row West.” There are some advocates for the homeless who are working to make sure the homeless can stay in Venice Beach until the city finds a better solution.

But the president of a homeowners association says that supporters of keeping the homeless on one particular street should welcome the homeless on their street, which is why he posted their home addresses on his website.

Disagreements over how to handle the homeless population in Venice Beach are about as common as bikinis on the boardwalk. But an advocate for the homeless here says her political opponents have crossed the line.

“This is below the belt. This is immoral and it should be stopped,” said Linda Lucks, president of the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Lucks is talking about a website from a group that calls itself the Venice Stakeholders Association. The group recently posted the home addresses of people that it says are preventing the police from cracking down on homeless encampments.

“I want that website down. I want an apology,” said Lucks.

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