Venice Beach Grunion Party March 24th!


The Venice Oceanarium is throwing a Grunion watching party on Saturday, March 24, starting at 11 pm. The meet up will be at the Venice Breakwater at the end of Windward Ave and children are encouraged to attend. For more info call the Venice Oceanarium at 424-270-5757 or check their website by clicking here.

Grunion 2012

From The Venice Oceanarium:

A Grunion is a fish about the same size and shape as a large sardine. Grunion are found ONLY around Southern California. The amazing thing is that at various times during the Spring, the females LEAVE THE SEA and squiggle onto the beach, where they lay their eggs in the sand. They are followed by hundreds of lusty male fish, intent on fertilizing these eggs. The seashore is covered by hundreds of SEX CRAZED FISH. You are cordially invited to witness this extraordinary event with us!