Venice Beach on TV: Pacific Blue


Someone has been putting a lot of episodes of the late 80’s to mid 90’s television show “Pacific Blue” up at YouTube. Pacific Blue used Venice as a location for many if not most of their episodes. You can skip around and check out various episodes by clicking here.

Check out this clip that features the newly opened Mercedes Grill on Washington in 1998:

Here is another “great” (cheesy) full episode that features “a former teen idol (Danny Bonaduce) who takes to robbing boardwalk stores with guests Susan Olsen, Adam West and Erik Estrada”.

Fun stuff from back in the days when bad guys drove Porsche 914s as getaway vehicles, people still used payphones and Ocean Front Walk was not a total flea market. Venice is seen in part one and resumes in part 4 at 6:40 with the Pavillion in the background.