Livestream: Marina Del Rey Boat Parade


As a test run for our plans to livestream the Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade tomorrow (from a boat), “Michael in Venice”‘s is livestreaming the 2011 Marina Del Rey Boat Parade right now (5:50pm)

The fireworks will start at 5:55 and the camera is pointed at them. The stream is embedded here on the main page, but if it doesn’t work try this link!

Update 6:45pm: Michael says ATT sucks in the Marina, but the test worked and we are on for a live in-boat video stream tomorrow from the Venice Canals Boat Parade!

If you would like to “livestream” from your boat during the Venice Canals parade (or from the land!), get in contact and we will put your feed up along with Michael’s! The more the merrier, and the uStream part is free! (Check your cel phone data plan to make sure your streaming won’t cost you anything!)