Blog War a Brewing!


Local blog Tulip and Thelma has been on our RSS feed for awhile. Janet’s blog contains the “ramblings, rants and ravings of a first time Mom in sunny California”. It can be a seriously funny read.


Much of Janet’s funny “ranting” is about her husband “Puddn'”.  Janet likes to bring the funny by posting embarrassing pictures of her husband on the interwebs, like the one featured below.


Thing is, “Puddin'” (aka Bo) has had enough and is now going to get even with his own blog “My Wife Lies“. Bo promises to “expose her lying [email protected]$” and tell “the real story”.

Booyah! Get to blogging peoples!

You can follow Janet’s blog by clicking here. She is also on Twitter. Follow Bo’s blog by clicking here. He is also on Twitter.