LA Auto Show 2011 Pictures!


In the market for a new car? Just like tire kicking? Go check out the LA Auto Show!

This year the dominant theme is “green”, with most of the manufactures showcasing their latest “environmentally friendly” vehicles. Prototype vehicles show that the auto industry is headed towards much more efficient vehicles (as required by the government) that aren’t bad looking at all!

Click here to see the slide show full size and here to see the pictures individually!

Our favorite vehicle was the Mastretta MXT, a new sports car made in Mexico. The Mastretta is pretty much what the Lotus Elise should have been as it is similar in size and weight, but they threw a turbo in it to make it really go. Notable debuts include the Fiat 500 Abarth, Cadillac XTS, Honda Fit Electric, Chevrolet Spark, Infiniti JX, Subaru BRZ and the new Porsche 911.

The Auto Show is happening at the LA Convention Center through November 27th! Click here for show hours and to buy your tickets online! Highly recommended!

P.S. to people that didn’t get the memo: MATTE is played out! If you didn’t realize that when murdered out Priuses started showing up in Malibu, the Platinum Motor guys just flew the white flag of surrender up in the air in the form of a Veyron. No more MATTE! Try candy apple red!