Wolfpack Hustle Beats Jet Blue from Burbank to Long Beach!


After Jetblue offered $4 intracity commuter flights during “Carmageddon” from Burbank to Long Beach, Slate writer Tom Vanderbuilt put forth that a cyclist could likely make the trip in a shorter period of time. A group of cyclists from the Wolfpack Hustle acted on the idea earlier today … and they proved the theory correct.


Huge congrats to Wolfpack cyclists John Gabriel, Jon Budinoff, Fabian Vasquez, Evan Stade, Stephen Andranian and Aram Dellalian! Today is Wolfpack day in Los Angeles!

Will update after Jet Blue makes it to Long Beach! What an awesome event!

Update: It is believed that the @wolfpackhustle A Team averaged 24.8mph over 1 hour and 34 minutes!

Wolfpack photo by John Carl Martin!



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