Penmar Park Shootings: Tony Vera Video


Venice newsman Tony Vera was at Penmar Park after yesterday’s shooting and double homicide. Salvador “J.R.” Diaz and Alan Mateo, believed to be Venice High students, died in the shooting. A third victim was shot in the leg and is expected to recover. The suspect(s) have not been apprehended.

13:00: Councilman Rosendahl gets briefed
14:20: Interview with Gary Walters LAPD – 4 people targeted – victims watching a baseball game.
15:40: Fairly certain it is gang related.
19:38: Investigators mapping crime scene.
20:23: A witness describes what he saw happen.
22:22: Another witness describes what he saw happen.
25:46: A friend of the victim is interviewed and speaks about crime in Venice.
26:33: Another friend of the victim from Venice High.

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