Help a Muralist!


Have a wall space that you would like a mural on? Spencer wrote in asking for YoVenice’s help in finding a wall space or two for him! Contact him by email by clicking here!


From Spencer:

I am an artist, LA native, and fellow lover and resident of Venice. Growing up around the area, I’ve always wanted to paint a mural like the ones I’ve seen all my life. I wanted some help to get the word out about some wall space for a mural. I work with several different mediums. I use mostly brush and paint, and also spray paint a bit.


My other main medium is pasted paper. Here is an example mural I did just last month on Lab Art Gallery on La Brea in LA. It was done entirely in CMYK, not one ounce of white paint was used. The idea was to mimic a typical computers printer, and how it produces prints. The gate rolling down, is like the paper rolling out of your printer with the image being reveled as is comes down/out. I attached some other works, a mural, and canvas pieces.

Have a space? Contact Spencer by email by clicking here!