Rose and Walgrove: New Turn Signal


The intersection at Rose and Walgrove is getting a new “left” turn signal. Accidents account for 25 percent of traffic congestion, and by directing the flow of cross traffic, new left turn signals make city streets safer and keep cars moving. The City of LA has recently installed 300 new signals citywide, with another 160 planned for installation.

Rose and Walgrove: New Turn SignalPict by LR!

One intersection in Venice that badly needs a left turn signal would be at Lincoln and Rose. With the addition of Whole Foods at the corner, the North and South Bound left turns onto Rose have become a major traffic pain. Agree with me? Call up the LA- Department of Transportation western division at (310) 575-8138 or email them by clicking here. It should be as simple as a bunch of readers emailing in a request for that intersection in the interest of safety.