LA Marathon: Venice Beach Winners!


Congrats to all of the participants of today’s LA Marathon! Hammered by rain, rookie marathoner Markos Geneti of Ethiopia won with a time of 02:06:35. In the ladies division, Ethiopia’s Deba Buzunesh won with a time of 2:26:34.

Picture by Katie Falkenberg of the LA Times

Looking at the overall time results of participants listed as living in Venice Beach, the top finishers from Venice are:

Venice Men:
Ravi Guha 03:08:09
Miguel Canton Peralta 03:09:13
Mark Limpert 03:16:50
Bodie Olmos 03:23:05
Josh Crosby 03:24:04
Bambos Charalambous 03:28:36
Lee Adams 03:29:10

Venice Women:
Hongyun Jin 03:15:13
Susan Mitchell 03:30:37
Julie Oka 03:36:10
Marisela Huerta 03:50:18
Edythe Huang 03:55:52
Haley Castiglione 04:00:40
Clare Garleron 04:01:22

(The results as posted here are very unscientific! If you have a top placing time, send us a link to it and we will add you in!)