March 8th Election Results


The complete “unofficial” results for the March 8th City of Los Angeles elections can be seen by downloading this pdf from the County Clerks website. Here are the results of the amendments:

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CHARTER AMENDMENT G – Fire and Police Pension Plan :
Passed: 74.54%

CHARTER AMENDMENT H – Contract Bidder Campaign Contribution and Fundraising Restrictions
Passed: 74.98%

CHARTER AMENDMENT I – DWP Office of Accountability; Ratepayer Advocate
Passed: 77.57%

CHARTER AMENDMENT J – DWP Preliminary Budget to City Council; Procedures for Transfers to Reserve Fund
Passed: 81.53%

CHARTER AMENDMENT L – Public Library Funding
Passed: 63.32%

PROPOSITION M – Taxation of Medical Marijuana Collectives
Passed 59.34%

CHARTER AMENDMENT N – Campaign Finance
Passed: 70.19%

PROPOSITION O – Los Angeles Oil Production Tax
Failed: 48.93%

CHARTER AMENDMENT P – Establishment of Contingency Reserve Fund
Passed: 65.91%

CHARTER AMENDMENT Q – Employment Provisions
Passed: 62.38%



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