Small World Books


Small World Books is the LATimes “Bookstore of the Week“! Congrats to Small World, my favorite bookstore!

Picture by Carolyn Kellog – LA Times

From the LATimes:

Mary Goodfader moved her bookstore to the Venice Boardwalk in 1976 after seven years in Marina del Rey. When she and her husband Robert found the space that now holds Small World Books and the Sidewalk Cafe, the building was empty, she says, covered with graffiti like “stop bombing in Cambodia.” They bought the building and divided responsibilities: She ran the bookstore and Robert ran the cafe along the boardwalk, which faces the sea. The restaurant is “pretty much the reason the bookstore can exist,” Goodfader says. “As long as people want to buy hamburgers, I’ll keep it going.”

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Small World Books
1407 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 399-2360