Venice 311


A new website has just started in Venice called Venice 311. The site has been set up to easily “report grime & crime” (hence the 311 name) to “make Venice a more beautiful neighborhood”. The site also has an informative Twitter feed that is an active listing of things heard by Venice 311 on a police scanner tuned into the Pacific Division of the LAPD.

Venice 311

Venice 311 is set up with an easy form for reporting “grime and crime” which they will then pass along to the proper agencies that handle these matters. They also have a section where readers can submit questions for Bill Rosendahl, the LAPD Police Chief and also LAFD Station 63.

While I have no association at all with Venice 311, I am happy it was started as the intended goal of the site will likely take some of the day to day “an RV got towed” content away from the YoVenice forums.