Guns in Venice 10-21-10


Update: I spoke with a Pacific Division Sergeant. Last night, officers went to stop a suspect. The suspect ran, and while doing so dropped a gun. The suspect was apprehended. It does not appear to be related to any other events around Venice in the past week.

As of now, it appears there was a gang related altercation near Venice and Beethoven, with the call coming in around 9:30 PM. Officers arrived at the scene “in force”, quickly creating a multi-block perimeter.


Witnesses relate that upon arrival of the helicopter a suspect was told to “drop their weapon”, and once the suspect did so a foot pursuit ensued. A suspect was picked up very soon after this.

At 11:05 an ambulance arrived on scene and was allowed past the barricades at Venice and Walgrove.

Ground units and the LAPD helicopter remained for close to an hour and a half on scene until roughly 12pm.

A quick call to Pacific at 12:30 gave the information that all suspects are believed to be in custody.