Drum Circle Vs LAPD 10-10-10 ?


Earlier this evening the LAPD was called out to deal with what we have been told were some unruly drum circle participants on Ocean Front Walk near Windward that were not happy their circle of beats had to come to an end.

LAPD Breaks up drum circle 10-10-10

Reports have it that some of the percussionists threw some items (bottles?) at the LAPD. More info as we get it!

Ocean Front Walk 10-10-10

It would be great if the percussionists smoked some mellow weed each week (and laid off the day time drinkin’) … it seems that far too often the participants flip out when the LAPD tells them to go home. If each and every week the circle knows it needs to end at sunset, why do they battle the LAPD over it all the time? Playing music should be mellow!

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