Spirit of Venice Weighs in on Illegal RV Hazardous Waste Dumping


The “Spirit of Venice” website has weighed in on the recent RV hazardous waste dumping issue. Would anyone care to enlighten us as to exactly who this site is run by and who the members of this “Spirit of Venice” group are?

(The RV on the right is the only place I have seen Venice Action before, as it is painted on the back of this RV.)

Spirit of Venice

From the “are you super crazy or just dangerously unaware spin department” at Spirit of Venice:

Editorial: it’s interesting to note that, according to news reports on this issue, the offender was apprehended but not charged! However, according to eye witnesses at Rose and 3rd Ave. nobody was apprehended and the alleged “dump” mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. Some believe that the RV-haters are responsible for this “false flag” operation in order to aggravate the already tense situation on the streets of Venice. The so-called activist “Dawna” (see article below) is well-known for her vigilante tactics and it appears that Yo!Venice and KFI were willing participants. If it turns out that this was a set-up by the “vigilantes of Venice” then it will be exposed and the haters identified.

Report from the Daily Breeze:

Authorities removed at least a dozen recreation vehicles from a Venice neighborhood in response to someone dumping human waste on the street, activists said today.

A woman suspected of uncapping a holding tank on a RV on Pacific Avenue near Fleet Street as her partner drove the double-length rig north was arrested over the weekend, thanks to a longtime local crime fighter known as Boston Dawna who witnessed and reported the crime.

And outraged Venice activists complained to city officials over the past few days, until city crews cleaned up the mess Tuesday and, starting last night, made about a dozen RV owners move their rigs from the area around Rose and Third avenues.

Dawna said she and her fellow activists were outraged by the stench.

“We want answers why this city has been allowed to be turned into a cesspool,” she said.

It wasn’t until the news media got involved that city officials paid attention, she said.

Los Angeles police officers, with whom Dawna has worked with for years, threw her a going-away party over the weekend, since the crime fighter is returning to her native Boston, from which she derived her nom de guerre.

Then KFI radio and the website Yo! Venice! publicized the weekend sewage dumping and arrest.

It was unclear who ordered the streets around Third and Rose avenue cleaned and the RVs removed overnight. No one in City Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s office was immediately available for comment.

The RV owners were allowed to drive away, and apparently no one was cited, Dawna said. But by 10 a.m. this morning “they were right back in the same spot.”

Venice homeowner and president of the Venice Stakeholders Association Mark Ryavec said residents have complained about the problem for years.

“I think the important issue right now is that the council office is sitting on the petitions we need to circulate to get “no oversized vehicle parking” signs put up,” he said.

Ryavec’s group has sued over the California Coastal Commissions refusal to involve itself in the issue, calling it a social problem beyond its purview.