Breaking News: Hazardous Materials Crew Clears RV’s From Sunset and Rose


As a follow up to the Yo! Venice! Venice Beach Public Health Alert:

Hazardous Materials Crews with the assistance of the LAPD have had to clear the entire block near Sunset and Rose of RV’s apparently due to rampant human waste disposal on the streets of Venice.

After cleaning up a hazardous RV waste dumping earlier in the day, Hazmat crews set out to clean up near 3rd and Rose. What they found warranted complete removal of all 13-15 RV’s from the street. The Hazmat crew expects to be cleaning the streets all night.

News crews are on the way, so if you would like to be interviewed on this subject, head on down there.

Here is HAZMAT cleaning up earlier today. This cleanup took around 3 hours. A whole street? They will be there all night long.



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