New YoVenice Site Feature: The Venice Wiki


We have added a Venice wiki to the site. A link to the wiki is up top in the toolbar for easy access. (Special thanks to Andrew Lih and Emil R. for the help!)

Venice Wiki

A wiki is a free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software. If the community gets involved and really joins in, this could be an invaluable tool for sharing information about Venice. We are using media wiki, the same software as Wikipedia, so if you have used Wikipedia before you can jump right in.

Know about the history of Venice? Architecture in Venice? The Arts in Venice? Politics and political issues in Venice? The Venice wiki is a great place to share your knowledge. Add your business and share who you are and what your history is. It would be great if you add in history on the building you are in too … when it was built, who designed it, what other tenants have been there over the years etc. Add your church and church groups. Add info on the Farmer’s Market and vendors. Make a page about Venice Happy Hours! Make a page about how to surf and where to surf! Make a page on the history of skating in Venice! Whatever you know about, you can add. Upload pictures!

Click here for an example from the Venice Wiki about Abbot Kinney. Edit away and add information if you have it, as that is what a wiki is for!

Another example of a Venice Wiki page can be seen by clicking here. This Venice wiki page is on the “Streets to Homes” program and includes links highlighting the “notable differences among Eugene, Santa Barbara and Venice” that the program is patterned after.

There are many user guides on how to edit media wiki online. Here is one to start you off with. In general, if you can use a word processor you can wiki. Enter a subject into the wiki and if you don’t see that someone has added it, just add it yourself! If someone has added something, feel free to edit it! You can’t “break” a wiki page, so don’t worry about that. Feel free to practice by clicking here and using the “sandbox” practice page.

In the future, YoVenice will be using the Venice Wiki for stories about Venice, likely as a “featured Venice Wiki page of the week”. Add yourself (artist, architect, etc) or your business to get featured!

Here is a general introductory video done about Wikipedia, the largest of wikis:

Here is a general introductory video done about creating a Wiki article: