LAPD Homeless Outreach Leads to 32 Arrests in Venice Beach


The Venice Justice Committee says via IndyMedia that the LAPD made 32 arrests yesterday morning while doing their Homeless Outreach program.

Picture from Venice Justice Committee
Busted in Venice Beach -

According to the City it was not a “Sweep.” It was “Homeless Outreach” and the people arrested were being connected to services. This is preliminary information, but we understand out of the 32 arrests only 1 was released and the rest get their services in jail for the weekend.

The charges were:
LAMC 41.18 d – sleeping on a sidewalk, which is not supposed to be given out between 9pm and 6am according to the Jones decision.

LAMC 63.44 B14(b) – a law that closes the beach from midnight to 5am – that the city did NOT get approved by the California Coastal Commission to even do

LAMC 63.93 h – Says: remain, stay or loiter within the limits of any public library between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. the following day.

Justice Committee and Media Group: 310-883-8865