Gary Ray : Venice Beach Artist


Our favorite Venice Beach painter these days is Gary Ray on Abbot Kinney. In the market for some great art? Go check out Gary at his Abbot Kinney Studio, where he can often times be found painting in the courtyard. As it is First Fridays, his gate should be open!

Gary Ray Abbot Kinney

Gary Ray was born in Venice and is a 4th generation Californian. Primarily self taught, some of his greatest artistic influences have come from the works of Edgar Payne, and Hanson Puthuff. Ray began his painting career 13 years ago. He paints plein-air images of the Southern and Central California coastal regions and inland areas. Being a working, traveling drummer since the age of 18, he has had the opportunity to tour the great cities, and museums of Europe. This exposure has had an influence on his artistic outlook. Ray is also heavily involved in Arts and Crafts collecting, and restoration of various Arts and Crafts items. Ray has exhibited widely in Southern and Central California. His works have been successfully auctioned at John Moran’s and Bonham & Butterfield’s.

Gary Ray Gallery
1420 Abbot Kinney
(South of Navarre Court, next to Abbot Kinney Real Estate)
Venice Beach, California