Man Run Over by LAPD Last Sunday at Drum Circle


We have it on good authority that a man was run over last Sunday at the Venice Drum Circle by an LAPD vehicle. Contrary to initial reports the man was not killed.

Venice Beach Dum Circle

The individual was lying in the sand when an LAPD SUV made a turn and ran over him. This happened shortly before 8pm. Lifeguards were the first responders on scene and treated the patient until an LA City Fire Dept. Rescue Ambulance arrived on scene and took him to a hospital. The individual was fully conscious when being loaded into the Ambulance, but with an “altered mental status due to alcohol consumption”. The individual may have had internal injuries, but there were no obvious injuries at the time he was driven away from the beach.

Venice Beach Drum Circle

Yo! Venice! has heard of a lot of incidents going on between the LAPD and the drum circle, and most of it has been about “wrapping it up and heading home”. Just as the skate park closes at dusk, and the VSA “shoos” everyone out of the park, it seems the organizers of the drum circle should do the same and self police the group so that there is not weekly friction between the drum circle and the LAPD. Maybe the organizers can arrange to take the participants to a sidewalk cafe after dusk each week … it can be assumed the cafe/ bar would enjoy the business.

We hope the guy that got run over is doing well and still drumming.