VNC Special Emergency AdCom Meeting Agenda


Here is the VNC Special Emergency AdCom Meeting Agenda for 4/14/10.


From Yo! Venice! reader B:

The VNC AdCom meeting was suspended last night due to a failure to post the agenda in accordance with the Brown Act. Below is the new agenda and meeting time.

Have a look at the proposed VNC Board Meeting Agenda. Two items were submitted at the last minute that should be of great interest to Venice community.

F) Motion to Oppose Assembly Bill 2228
David Ewing (310-339-0848; [email protected])

Whereas Assembly Bill 2228 (Lieu) states that “Notwithstanding any other law, the City of Los Angeles, regulating overnight parking pursuant to this section, shall not be required to obtain a permit or approval from the California Coastal Commission to establish an overnight parking restriction on public streets by nonresidents between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. in the Venice coastal zone.”

Whereas, by removing from the Commission the right to review, on a case by case basis, decisions of local governments restricting public parking in favor of resident only parking, the bill sets a precedent for other jurisdictions to seek to do likewise.

Whereas the California Coastal Act is the single most important piece of state legislation protecting our coastal resources and protecting our community from over-development.

Whereas, regardless of whether or not we favor Overnight Parking Districts, the Venice Neighborhood Council feels it is unwise to undermine the authority of the Coastal Commission.

Therefore, the Venice Neighborhood Council opposes the passage of AB2228.

G) Allocation of Venice Surplus Property Funds
Mike Newhouse ([email protected]): Motion to send a Community Impact Statement to the City Council in support of Councilman Rosendahl‚s motion ( in favor of allocating Venice Surplus Property Funds towards the seven categories listed therein.