Yo! Venice! Election Day Business Card


Seeing as there may be some pretty “fast and loose” definitions of “Venice Stakeholder” being used during the Venice Neighborhood Council Elections this Sunday, here is your 100% official Yo! Venice! business card to grant you a vote in the VNC elections. If you post in the thread that follows this post, Yo! Venice! will pay you 1 cent USD (one penny, yo!) for that post. This should officially make you an “employee” of Yo! Venice!, a Venice Beach Business, and as such allow you to vote in the VNC elections. Print the business card after your post and you should be good to go.

Yo Venice Business Card

Yo! Venice! will only pay you for ONE post, and not be liable for more than 1 cent USD under work for hire rules or whatever gets us out of all liability. We don’t provide any benefits for your posting here, so don’t get excited about the dental plan. We actually won’t do anything for you or be liable for anything you do as an individual, we will just pay you a penny for posting one post. Pay day will be had at some point down the road, when you see me out and about hit me up for your penny.

Once again, you get NOTHING from us besides 1 cent USD when you see us around town. You are officially hired and by doing so submitting your resignation effective this Sunday at 10pm by posting in this thread. YoVenice accepts your resignation this Sunday at 10pm as a condition of your getting hired, and you accept that you can not make any claim against YoVenice.com during your estimated 1 second of employment while clicking “send” in this thread.

To keep this on the up and up and prevent people from printing up a few 100 and handing them out to “people on the street”, if you intend on using one of these cards, you will need to email me after posting in this thread with your posting name, real name and some valid contact information so that if needed I can supply this information to whoever is officially in charge of the voting. Email your deets here, they will not be looked at or shared with anyone unless the voter people come looking as to the validity of these cards. Your individual posting name needs to be used on the card as well as your real name.

Even if you have a drivers license with your address on it, you ought to try the Yo! Venice! business card and see how well it works. This thread is posted in humor, but is a valid offer. If it actually allows you to vote (we don’t know the laws and are making no claim as to the legality of this beyond being funny- this thread is once again humor), that is insanely funny. Happy voting!