Yo! Venice! VNC Candidate Questions 2010


The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) elections are going to held April 11, 2010 at The Oakwood Rec Center (767 California Avenue). The Polls will be open at 10am and close at 4pm.

The full list of candidates can be seen by clicking here. There will be a candidate forum open to the public at The Westminster Elementary School Auditorium (1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd) on April the 8th from 6:30pm -9:30pm.

Venice Beach

The best way for candidates to reply to these questions is to start a thread under the “VNC Candidates for 2010” section in the forums by clicking here. Please put “VNC (office running for) Candidate (your name)” as the title when adding a new topic. If you have difficulties with this, please email your responses to YoVenice by clicking here and we will post them for you.

Questions for the 2010 Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Candidates:

1. As you know, the forums at YoVenice.com have actively and vigorously been promoting a weekly write in campaign to city officials focused on unsafe living conditions in Venice Beach for the last six weeks. What have you, as an individual, done in the last six weeks to actively and vigorously promote the removal of criminal transients from Venice Beach?

2. Do you think transient and homeless citizens should have the same rights as Venice taxpayers, renters, and property owners in regard to voting in local VNC elections?

3. Have you ever worked in any capacity as or for a “developer”, or acted in any capacity or as an advisor to a “development” firm or entity? Did this “developer” or “development group(s)” do business or try to do business in Venice Beach?

4. Have you ever worked in any capacity as or for a “homeless rights” advocacy group or acted in any capacity for or as an advisor for one? Has this group(s) actively supported the rights for people to live in their vehicles in Venice Beach?

5. Do you agree that all existing laws should be actively and vigorously enforced to make Venice Beach a less attractive destination point for transients?

6. Are you for or against overnight parking districts and if so under what conditions?

7. Are you for or against more homeless shelters in Venice?

8. Are you for or against more affordable housing in Venice?

9. Are you for or against more Police Patrols in Venice Beach?

10. What is your general assessment of quality of life at present in Venice Beach?

11. Please list (in order) the top ten issues that you think need to be addressed / changed in Venice Beach, in order of priority. What will you actively pursue if elected and what time schedule do you think is appropriate to reach these goals.

Thank you on behalf of the readers of Yo! Venice! for your replies.


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