Homelessness in Venice Beach Examined Yet Again


Citywatch has an article up today by David Ewing and Linda Lucks that examines the recent police sweep of the boardwalk by the LAPD, “homeless” vs “camper” as well as Bill Rosendahl and The City Council.

The recent sweep has been applauded by most all Yo! Venice! readers as welcome and overdue and our readership has expressed the necessity of the LAPD to continue enforcing existing laws for the safety of our community.

Homeless on the Venice Canals, Venice Beach

From Citywatch:

With inadequate parking in the best of times, a severe homeless problem, and a history of community fights over social service providers and their clientele, Venice found itself at the center of a “perfect storm,” whipped to hurricane force by an army of decrepit RVs and a “mad as hell” backlash against them.

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